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RedBaron Practice Areas of Expertise

• Turnaround & Crisis Management Strategy
• Growth & Sales Strategy
• Operational & Workplace Excellence Strategy
• Strategic Team-Building & Hiring Strategy
• Advanced Employee & Executive Recruiting
• Costs Reduction & Risks Mitigation Mapping
• Increased Cash Flows & Cascaded Revenue Mapping
• Breakthrough Outcomes & Competitive Advantage
• Distinctive Re-branding & Logo ID Campaigns
• Targeted PR, Advertising & Mailing Campaigns
• Software, Technology, Equipment & Real Estate Acquisition Strategy

Introductory RedBaron Engagements & Consultative Keynotes / Lectures

• How To Turnaround Your Small Business In 60-90-120 Days
• How To Challenge Your Existing Business Model For Growth
• How To Transform Your Company Into a Workplace of the Future
• How To Challenge & Hire The Very Best & Brightest People
• How To Protect Your Business From Awful & Bullying Customers
• How To Fix Your Toxic Workplace & Install Fair Incentives For Everyone
• How To Trim Costs, Improve Profits & Get More From Vendors
• How To Position Your Business To Earn More Press In 60-90-120 Days
• How To Sell Your Business Well & Prosperously In 60-90-120 Days
• How To Turnaround Your Struggling Non-Profit, Association, Cause, or Club
• How To Turnaround Your Struggling City (or Town)

Our internal website content, methodology, and case studies are proprietary. Access requires a brief registration Q&A and NDA. Pro bono projects are not accepted.